Eastern Geographical Review

Determination of Flood Risks of Filyos Stream Basin (Karabük-Gökçebey) by Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method/The Black Sea-Turkey


Karabük Üniversitesi, Coğrafya Bölümü, Karabük, Türkiye


Çankırı Karatekin Üniversitesi, Coğrafya Bölümü, Çankırı, Türkiye

Eastern Geographical Review 2022; 27: 15-27
DOI: 10.5152/EGJ.2022.951997
Read: 468 Downloads: 128 Published: 28 June 2022

It is necessary to investigate natural disasters as a threat to human life and take the necessary measures with the information obtained. In this study, the research area was selected as the Karabük-Gökçebey part of the Filyos stream Basin, one of the important streams of the Western Black Sea. The study aims to identify flood risk areas by Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method in the designated area. To make a flood risk map, the soil, lithology, land use, stream proximity, elevation, slope, and view characteristics of the site have been converted to a raster data format to analyze in a GIS environment. Land use characteristics were obtained from satellite images using remote sensing techniques. The analytical hierarchy process is used to determine the impact of each criterion on the flood. Thus, these characteristics in the complex relationship defined with the AHS decision-making method and the ArcMap program’s flood risk map were made. In addition, the place with a significant risk area emerged as the Gokcebey settlement. Kelemen and Ince Creek, tributaries of the side stream, have also shown themselves as risky areas. Other elements that increase the risks can be displayed as filling the stream beds with alluvial material and building commercial and residential structures on the stream beds. Constructed channel, culverts, HES periodic maintenance of such systems, removal of accumulated material in the bed, a new zoning plan to be perverted from the stream bed of the new residential area planning, public institutions and institutions should jointly carry out the necessary work and share it with regular risk analyses, to gain a wooded area of forest destruction and preventing the back of the damaged area may include measures that can be taken.

Cite this article as: Coşkun, M., & Ortaç, G. (2022). Determination of flood risks of Filyos Stream Basin (Karabük-
Gökçebey) by multi-criteria decision making method/The Black Sea-Turkey. Eastern Geographical Review, 27(47), 15-27.

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