Eastern Geographical Review

Determination of Knowledge and Perception Levels of Agricultural Producers on Climate Change in Erbaa Plain (Tokat)


İstanbul Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, İstanbul, Türkiye


İstanbul Üniversitesi, Edebiyat Fakültesi, Coğrafya Bölümü, İstanbul, Türkiye

Eastern Geographical Review 2022; 27: 37-48
DOI: 10.5152/EGJ.2022.22711
Read: 339 Downloads: 59 Published: 27 December 2022

The main aim of this study is to determine the knowledge and perception levels of agricultural producers on climate change in Erbaa Plain. For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied to 200 randomly determined producers in 20 villages located on the Erbaa Plain and its periphery. According to the findings obtained within the scope of the study, the average age of the participants is 54 (68%). Most of the producers (85%) declared that they know the concept of climate change, 60% of them stated that drought is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about climate change. Producers think that the reduction in freshwater resources is one of the main consequences of climate change (57.5%). It was a remarkable finding that a significant part of the producers (46.2%) declared that they had no idea about adaptation to climate change. In total, 97% of the producers stated that the Erbaa Plain was affected by climate change; 95.5% of the participants declared that climate change occurs mostly as a decrease in the amount of crops (93.2%) and an increase in weeds and insects (52.4%) in the Erbaa Plain; 33% of the producers participating in the survey stated that technical support is insufficient for taking precautions against climate change. In the survey study, “what are the most important problems encountered in agricultural production activities in the Erbaa plain” was asked, and many problems were expressed in relation to this question.

Cite this article as: Bolat, Y., & Bakırcı, M. (2022). Determination of knowledge and perception levels of agricultural producers on climate change in Erbaa Plain (Tokat). Eastern Geographical Review, 27(48), 37-48.

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