Eastern Geographical Review

Evaluation of Geography Curriculum in the Context of the 2023 Education Vision Document


Trabzon Üniversitesi, Fatih Eğitim Fakültesi, Sosyal Bilgiler Eğitimi Ana Bilim Dalı, Türkçe ve Sosyal Bilimler Eğitimi Bölümü, Trabzon, Türkiye

Eastern Geographical Review 2022; 27: 49-64
DOI: 10.5152/EGJ.2022.22507
Read: 318 Downloads: 50 Published: 27 December 2022

This study aimed to evaluate the 2018 Geography Curriculum in the context of the 2023 Education Vision Document prepared by the Ministry of National Education and presented to the public on October 23, 2018. In the 2023 Education Vision Document, under the title of “Content and Practice,” the principles related to the curricula, course contents, skills, and values expected to be gained by the students in the courses are included. Within the framework of the stated basic principles and approach, the importance and necessity of geography courses, the changes in the curriculum, and the compatibility and inconsistencies between the current Geography Curriculum, and the principles stated in the vision document constitute the main topics discussed in this study. In particular, the general structure and elements of the 2018 Geography Curriculum (Learning outcomes, Scope-contet, teaching-learning situation, and assessment and evaluation) and the overlap of these features with the basic principles in the vision document were discussed based on the literature and related documents. In addition, critical evaluations of all dimensions of the 2018 Geography Curriculum were included, considering the standards set within the framework of European and Turkish competencies. At the end of the study, suggestions for the curriculum were presented based on the vision document and the practices in different countries.

Cite this article as: Akbaş, Y. (2022). Evaluation of geography curriculum in the context of the 2023 Education Vision Document. Eastern Geographical Review, 27(48), 49-64.

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